Thursday 07 July 2011

Facebook launches video calls, powered by Skype

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Facebook is rolling out video calls.

Facebook is rolling out video calls. It’s powered by Internet phone company Skype

Quick on the heels of Google’s launch of its latest social-networking venture, Facebook is rolling out video calls. It’s powered by Internet phone company Skype.

Facebook said Wednesday that it is also rolling out a group chat feature. Facebook users can now create instant group chats if they want to quickly message a small group of their friends.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook now has 750 million users. And they share 4 billion things such as photos, links and status updates on the site every day.

Google Inc. opened up Google Plus last week on an invite-only basis.

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Thursday 12 May 2011

WACS lands in South Africa

 Christo [PCD]    12 May : 10:20
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Taken Directly from Mybroadband!

Taken Directly from Mybroadband!

The 5.12Tbps West Africa Cable System (WACS) landed in Yzerfontein on the West Coast

The newly constructed West Africa Cable System (WACS) has landed at Yzerfontein on the West Coast of South Africa today.

Deployment of WACS, done by Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, began in 2009 and the company recently announced that the design capacity of the cable has been increased from 3.84 terrabits per second (Tbps) to 5.12Tbps.

With commercial services expected by 2011, the 5.12Tbps WACS will connect South Africa to the UK with landings in Namibia, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Cape Verde, the Canary Islands, and Portugal.

Local participants include Telkom SA, Neotel, MTN, Vodacom, Broadband Infraco and Gateway Communications.

Telkom South Africa is the landing partner of the cable in South Africa, and is constructing and managing the landing station in Yzerfontein as well as the backhaul fibre network for delivering WACS bandwidth.

“Various reasons led to the choice of Yzerfontein as landing point for WACS and allocating the responsibility to land the cable in South Africa to Telkom. All submarine cables that enter South Africa is located at either Melkbosstrand or Mtunzini, thus effectively two international fibre gateways,??? explains Casper K Chihaka, Managing Executive: Telkom Wholesale Services.

“Events such as earthquakes or even a large ship dragging its anchor has seen several cables being cut during singular events across the world. South Africa needs a third international fibre gateway to reduce the risk of complete isolation from the rest of the world. Telkom operates submarine cable gateways at Mtunzini, Melkbosstrand and now also at Yzerfontein,??? he continues.

Once WACS commences commercial operation, Telkom will be able to provide services through three diverse gateways from South Africa providing the redundancy for a connected South Africa even under disastrous conditions.

Furthermore Telkom’s submarine cable portfolio will now comprise of a complete ring around Africa enabling Telkom the ability to offer redundant and restorable international bandwidth services.

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Tuesday 11 January 2011

Ruiz lasted five years, Meyer only two and a half at chipmaker AMD

 Dade_182    11 Jan : 15:31
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Advanced Micro Devices has struggled over the last few years.

Advanced Micro Devices has struggled over the last few years. Despite having briefly seized the discrete graphics sales lead from NVIDIA (courtesy of acquisition ATI) and having its first competitive CPU product in a couple years (Fusion) in some regard (power efficiency), the chipmaker faces an uphill battle.

Though it beat analyst estimates, the company posted losses in Q2 and Q3 2010, after having enjoyed its first profitable quarters in some time in Q4 2009 and Q1 2010 (thanks in part to a $1.25B USD civil suit payout from rival Intel).

Now the company has announced [press release] that its Chief Executive Officer, Dirk Meyer will leave the company immediately as per a "mutual agreement" with the company's board of directors.

Bruce Claflin, chairman of the board since March 2009 comments on the split with Mr. Meyer, "Dirk became CEO during difficult times. He successfully stabilized AMD while simultaneously concluding strategic initiatives including the launch of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, the successful settlement of our litigation with Intel and delivering Fusion APUs to the market."

"However, the Board believes we have the opportunity to create increased shareholder value over time. This will require the company to have significant growth, establish market leadership and generate superior financial returns. We believe a change in leadership at this time will accelerate the company’s ability to accomplish these objectives."

Mr. Meyer had assumed the role of CEO in July 2008, placing his reign at just under two and a half years. He replaced Hector Ruiz, AMD's long-time chief from between 2002 to 2007. He was integral in orchestrating the closing of Mr. Ruiz's deal for ATI and smoothing the GPU and CPU divisions' integration and collaborative efforts.

Mr. Ruiz had been billed as the replacement for long-time CEO Jerry Sanders, who co-founded the company and served as President and CEO from between 1969 and 2002.

The CEO picture thus becomes somewhat unsettling for the chipmaker -- the original CEO stayed 23 years, the next 5, and the most recent a mere two and a half. This shortening longevity is almost certainly reflective of the company's growing struggles, similar to U.S. automaker General Motors' uncontrollably accelerating rate of CEO turnover.

Replacing Mr. Meyer is CFO and Senior Vice President Thomas Seifert, who will serve as interim CEO while a long term replacement is searched for. Mr. Claflin will lead the CEO search committee. An interim replacement CFO has not been announced -- Mr. Seifert will presumably hold down the positions of CEO and CFO.

Mr. Seifert promises to stay on course with the company's key objectives, commenting, "AMD enters 2011 with considerable product and financial momentum. Our roadmap for the year, including our "Llano" APU and 32nm "Bulldozer" based processors remain on track. I believe we have significant opportunities to cement our leadership positions in several key market segments based on the strength of our upcoming products."

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