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What have you been playing recently?

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Wed Apr 26 2006, 08:35am
Morgue[FLB] Admin Registered Member #59 Joined: Wed Mar 08 2006, 11:21am
Posts: 6778
I've been playing Need for Speed Most Wanted - I can't get
enough of this game. Being a massive racing game fan, I dig
this game - and my new PC really makes it shine (and sparkle)!

I've also been dabbling with Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from
Butcher Bay. This is an excellent first-person action-adventure
game. It's like playing part of the movie! Except it's not based
on the movie, it's set in an entirely different area. Excellent
storyline (with all sorts of unexpected twists), brilliant use
of Riddick's abilities (stealth, eyeshine, etc), inventive puzzles
and challenging gameplay all make this a great title! It also
features original voice acting by Vin Diesel, to add an official

PS. This game features STRONG violence and LOTS of bad language.
Not for kids!!!

What else... hmmmm... Ah, a bit of Quake IV. Not much, though.

What have the rest of you folks been playing? And what have you
thought of the games?
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Christo [PCD]
Wed Apr 26 2006, 08:37am
Christo [PCD] Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 10:48am
Posts: 4503
Quake 4, Doom 3 Resurrection, Oblivion and Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness
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Wed Apr 26 2006, 09:13am
Morgue[FLB] Admin Registered Member #59 Joined: Wed Mar 08 2006, 11:21am
Posts: 6778
OK - what is your (valued!) opinion of those games?
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Wed Apr 26 2006, 09:20am
WingnuT_85 Registered Member #11 Joined: Sat Feb 04 2006, 11:39am
Posts: 1241
Oblivion !!!! Man That game does it 4 me ??? The funny thing is well All of the PCD Clan can realy be glad !!! Well PCD Clan even got their own BEGARS ??? Me & RaZeal !!!! We practiclay beged one guy at the last LAN 2 give us the game ?????? But all the beban was worth it !!! My taste in games is !!! Dragons , Deamons ??? Swards Axes !???? Allot of killing ??? and Oblivion does it all & More !!!!!!!!!
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Wed Apr 26 2006, 10:02am
Bulvey[PCD] Registered Member #2 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 11:00am
Posts: 132
Oblivion, oblivion, food, oblivion oblivion, oblivion, sleep, oblivion, wake up, you know the rest
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Wed Apr 26 2006, 10:19am
Arw3n Registered Member #117 Joined: Fri Apr 21 2006, 04:30pm
Posts: 286
Oblivion, oblivion, some more oblivion.
Oh and Dota.
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Wed Apr 26 2006, 10:36am
Morgue[FLB] Admin Registered Member #59 Joined: Wed Mar 08 2006, 11:21am
Posts: 6778
Hmmm... I'm noticing some sort of theme here. Anyone care to
elaborate on this "Oblivion"?

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Wed Apr 26 2006, 10:39am
ScubaSteve Registered Member #44 Joined: Tue Feb 21 2006, 11:02pm
Posts: 1075
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Wed Apr 26 2006, 04:43pm
Registered Member #26 Joined: Thu Jan 01 1970, 02:00am
Posts: 0
ive been playing shoot people with a piece of paper and rubber band at school.

And at home i play mmmm OBLIVION, TR L and F.E.A.R.
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Wed Apr 26 2006, 04:50pm
Biofreak Registered Member #25 Joined: Mon Feb 13 2006, 09:30am
Posts: 2105
Am playing Oblivion and Rugby 2006 at home thesedays although I finished the main quest in oblivion...
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