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how much megabytes are we using by being on the forum

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Tue Mar 18 2008, 09:18pm
wayne Registered Member #423 Joined: Sat Mar 15 2008, 03:06pm
Posts: 186
i heard that when you go online everything that is animated uses megabytes as i understand it is the uploaded parts on my adsl with all our avatars and signatures is this not using up our megabytes/gigs.
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Tue Mar 18 2008, 09:23pm
Hawk Registered Member #217 Joined: Mon Sep 18 2006, 04:12pm
Posts: 3610
Some grammar would be nice....
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Tue Mar 18 2008, 09:28pm
wayne Registered Member #423 Joined: Sat Mar 15 2008, 03:06pm
Posts: 186
how about GRAMMAR would that help you.
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Tue Mar 18 2008, 10:11pm
MaTiCa Admin Registered Member #186 Joined: Sun Jul 23 2006, 12:16pm
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Well the truth is, if I understand your question correctly, that logically they would (i.e. your sig is about 1.4MB in size because of the speed of the animation (slower speed = more detail = larger size) but luckily most modern web browsers (such as Firefox or Internet Explorer) use the process of caching (or storing) the images. This obviously leads to faster load times and, since the image (with the animation) is already in memory, less cap usage...

Unfortunately this is only when you access the site from the same computer and even then some browsers automatically clear the cache in case there might have been confidential data, such as passwords, stored in it.

At least, thats how I understand it to work... Tongue
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Tue Mar 18 2008, 10:34pm
Banlam Registered Member #346 Joined: Wed Aug 22 2007, 06:35pm
Posts: 1366
Yeah, your sig is rather big, I know stasja's is also quite large. 1.8mb

So if you're paying per mb, like me, it's not that nice when people have large sigs... but alas, it is my choice.

Umm. The upload amount on your adsl account is all the information you send form your computer to the internet. So when you load a webpage it sends a request as such, which uses minimal amounts. Sending emails will also add to your upload amount. Attaching pictures will also increase this amount. If you use programs such as bittorrent, then files which are shared will be uploaded. If you add photos to facebook, the size of the photos will also be added to your upload amount.

When you visit this page the sigs are downloaded onto your computer, so the viewing of graphics adds to your download amount.

As Matica mentioned, caching helps keep downloaded images, such as sigs, to a minimum.
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Tue Mar 18 2008, 10:34pm
JamezV2.0 Registered Member #242 Joined: Wed Nov 15 2006, 11:23pm
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wayne wrote ...

how about GRAMMAR would that help you.

Matey, Im sure your an agreeable chap but with an attitude like that you're not going to get far.
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Tue Mar 18 2008, 10:51pm
Dade_182 Admin Registered Member #308 Joined: Tue May 15 2007, 11:36am
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Now now, settle down kids. Lets all play nice together.
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Wed Mar 19 2008, 08:32am
AiKePaH[ZM] Registered Member #143 Joined: Mon May 29 2006, 11:33am
Posts: 963
I would say hawk started it Jamez. But of course it wasn't a great response by wayne
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Wed Mar 19 2008, 09:19am
Enigma_2k4 Registered Member #265 Joined: Sat Dec 23 2006, 08:59am
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*enigma gets his popcorn ready*

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Wed Mar 19 2008, 11:55am
B@kg@t Registered Member #102 Joined: Mon Apr 03 2006, 05:41pm
Posts: 4424
Hawk wrote ...

Some grammer would be nice....

Some spelling would be even better. Bah
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