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AMD-ATI: A Done Deal

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Christo [PCD]
Mon Jul 24 2006, 11:42pm
Christo [PCD] Main Admin Registered Member #1 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 10:48am
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Yes, AMD and ATI are now merged. See the news items here:

AMD-ATI: A Done Deal

AMD and ATI Promise Unified Development by 2008

So what lies ahead? Intel and Nvidia merging? Faster and more reliable ATI/AMD platforms?

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RaZeaL [PCD]
Tue Jul 25 2006, 08:53am
RaZeaL [PCD] Admin Registered Member #6 Joined: Fri Feb 03 2006, 02:31pm
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Realy exciting news... I must say that ATI and AMD are a lethal combination.. So whats install for Intel or NVidia? Might we see a merge from these two in the not too distant future? Only time will tell....
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Mon Aug 07 2006, 10:15am
Morgue[FLB] Admin Registered Member #59 Joined: Wed Mar 08 2006, 11:21am
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Ahem... "what's in store for Intel or nVidia"...


I don't think Intel will merge with nVidia - Intel has its
own graphics division, which they may reason is good enough.

Also, Intel may not share AMD's vision of the technological
future, and they may therefore not agree that the CPU and GPU
should be merged (which is what initial reports indicate that
AMD/ATI are focusing on).
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